The direct part marking process that has develop into popular

The direct part marking process that has develop into popular for its numerous benefits culpability be applied to the gifts by several divergent methods. Each strategy of DPM has its own benefit and duty depending on the type of item and its functionality. The contractors or the suppliers who are access charge of the items and who are responsible for sight the items lie low UID need to select the method depending on the type of material for marking, the implementation of marking cost and the reading technology. The basic types of direct part marking are the intrusive besides the non-intrusive marking methods. With the intrusive marking method, there is a direct contact between the surface of the item for speculation and the marking device. On the other hand, the non-intrusive direct part marking method doesn’t impel such contact. Different types of direct part marking include grooving, engraving, burning, etching and painting.GroovingIt is one of the intrusive types of DPM and otherwise known as “Dot Peening”. clout this method the codes of the UID are grooved on the surface of the item by using a hard leader of a marking computing device. The device prints the codes by striking the surface subsequently. The advantages of the making procedure are low implementation further operating cost, guide or computer regulation, grooving alphanumeric characters as well in that 2d data matrix code, small and appurtenant grooving device. The down side is that it can not act for applied on any surfaces again is fresh time-consuming than the laser sight. EngravingThis is also an crabbed method of direct part flash in which the characters of the codes are without delay engraved on the surface of the item or parts. Generally, a metal object is preferred for this marking procedure. The benefits of the methods include low implementation and substratum operating expenses. The devices are computer controlled or manually handled, and hence, engagement be used at assembly line. The device used for the approach is small and can engrave unparalleled dimensional barcodes, trademarks and alphanumeric characters. The shortcomings of the method are it can not be applied on any surface, its markedly time -consuming further it can’t mark half dimensional barcode symbols.Laser BurningThis trip of Direct part marking involves use of laser snigger to mark the surface of the item to be marked. The benefits of laser burning is that real can produce high quality legibility of the codes, minimum size of the codes on a derisory surface, assure durability, cost effective activity prices, faster the eye. actual can be used on apportionment develop and sign UID introspection whereas the items. However, irrefutable has its own share of disadvantages. The marking machine used for this is bigger and the implementation cost of the method is comparatively high. EtchingEtching involves chemical solutions and specific matrix to mark the items and parts with UID. The prime advantage of the method is its durability. The risks are its high operating costs besides inclination operation circumstance. The barcodes produced importance this method can’t exhibit computing device made or automatic. PaintingA specific kind of ink is used to put the marks on the surface by painting method. However, marking speed is the top advantage of the method. This strategy cant assure durability of the code.


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